IMG_2724Sometimes you don’t have to venture far from home to get a good meal. Dinner last night at the A & S Restaurant was proof of that axiom. Although known primarily for their pizzas and sandwiches A & S has proven on many occasions that they can turn out excellent dinners at reasonable prices. There is usually a discount coupon of some type in the weekly mailers that flood the local community. We had one that gave “half price on any entree with purchase of another at full price.” My wife Kathy, her sister, Carol, and her husband Lou, along with two nice bottles of Italian wine enjoyed the evening’s special Chicken Pomadora which was two delicate chicken breasts topped with crabmeat and mushrooms (hold the mushrooms on mine) served in a delicious blush sauce over a bed of linguine. The wines, a 2005 Ruffino Chianti Classico Riserva and a 2005 Calle Molina, Montepulciana d’Abruzzo provided that perfect compliment to the dish.

RuffinoWe all have a tendency to neglect our local dining spots in favor of those more distant because it seems we have this yearning to equate distance and travel as being a part of the search for fine dining. It’s nice to have a place like A & S within walking distance for those times when you just want good food and a nice bottle of wine. I’d write more but I brought home half my Chicken Pomadora and I’m thinking it will make for an excellent Friday lunch.

One Response to “A & S RESTAURANT – BYOB”

  1. I tell you a Tour Operator specialized in wine tourism in Italy…. TRY NATURE

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