It was always my intention to make every post on this blog something original. A creation of my own mind for better or worse. I recently came across this article which has forced me to make an exception, hopefully, a rare one, to this rule.

Mike Steinberger is the Wine Writer on Slate Magazine. Slate is an online magazine that covers the entire spectrum of news and presents it in unique and interesting ways. Many of their articles have been quoted by all the major news outlets.

On May 6, 2009 Mike wrote an article for Slate titled “Never Buy Bad Wine Again”; Slate’s Guide to the Importers You Can Count On. This is an excellent article on a  topic I am passionate about which is how to get the general public, the wine novices, to stop buying bad wines. One slightly limiting thing about this article is that it only refers to foreign wines; those imported into the USA from regions like France, Italy, Germany, Australia, etc. This will not help you with California wines.  You can go to and read the entire article but the key piece is a printable, fold-able card that you can carry in your wallet listing the best importers. When you visit your local wine outlet simply use this card to compare the importer listed on the bottle to the list of the best importers on your card.

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I  would point out that there is one excellent importer of Australian wines NOT listed on this handy card. I strongly suggest you add the name Grateful Palate Imports to the back of this card and look for them when wine shopping. Good Stuff!

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