wine toastI have decided to add a new section to my blog. Wine forums or “boards” as they are called are great places to learn about all aspects of wine. The two most popular Wine Boards are those found at  Mark Squires Bulletin Board at and wine There are many others but these two are far and away the Chairmen of the Boards. I read these boards often. I don’t post very much myself but I have made both of these websites a big part of my wine education.

From time to time I will post here topics on wine that may be of interest to you. It’s fun to see the diverse viewpoints offered by members of these boards. Here are a couple of topics being discussed in the past few days on these boards.

FREEZING WINE: Rob Liss of California started this thread and this experiment in preserving wine. I have always believed, and many wine lovers share this belief, that almost any wine begins to lose its flavor characteristics pretty quickly after opening and that 24 to 48 hours is about as much time as you can get in truly preserving a wine once it is uncorked. Rob claims that over the past year he has frozen almost all of the top varietals; cabernets, chardonnays, shiraz, pinot noir, and found that even months later they retain almost all of their flavor. Some others were amazed at the results while some agreed that they had found the same success in using that method. Rob claims that only about 10% of the frozen wines fell apart completely. He sounds like he knows what he is talking about and I am certainly up for trying his method with future bottles. Rob says he simply sticks the cork back into the bottle before freezing. When he is ready to drink the frozen wine, a few hours on the kitchen table is all it needs to thaw. He does note that wine lying on its side will thaw faster than a bottle standing upright. See, you learn something new every day!!

Another hot thread is one titled “What Is The Best Marketed Wine In The World?” initiated by John Glas of Minneapolis.  pinot grigio

The majority of votes were divided between Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio and Dom Perignon Champagne. My favorite quote of the many replies on the thread came from Michael Koth of San Pedro, California while speaking of just how bad Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio really is ( a belief I totally share with him) “it’s simply amazing how good people will think a wine is when you tell them it is.”

Lots of talk on all the boards on recent articles in, not just the wine publications but even major newspapers, concerning the recession-driven decline in sales of higher priced wines. It seems like everyone is trying to dump there $50 plus wines. Some of the newer producers may even be forced out of business. This bad news for the winemakers is good news to all of us who might be looking to pick up some better juice for lower prices. Most estimates are that it will be a few years before the market returns to normal. Drink up now!


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  1. Thats very good to know… thanks

  2. This is a great aspect that you are adding to your blog. This will help others appreciate wines and try new and interesting things.


  3. Good article, thank you.

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