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blog pics #023It is safe to say that there is no longer simple speculation as to the health benefits of red wine. There have been a significant number of reports from medical professionals lauding the almost astounding results they have seen from tests that have been conducted throughout the world.

It’s been nearly 200 years since researchers discovered what they called “the French Paradox”. How could it be that the French whose diet consisted of foods high in fats and cholesterol have such low incidence of heart disease? They now believe the answer may lie in some of the ingredients found in red wine and most of the research is pointing toward a polyphenol called RESVERATROL which is found in grape skins as the leading contributor to improved health effects. Red wine seems far more beneficial because the wine is allowed to stay with the skins longer than with white wine and thus absorbs more of the resveratrol from the pics 024

Scientists at the University of Queensland in Australia have done extensive studies of resveratrol and have announced that the weight of evidence supports two theories. Resveratrol kills cancer cells and protects heart cells. They are not totally certain how the compound is absorbed into the body but believe it is a cellular function.

Hardly a month goes by without researchers finding additional health benefits in red wine. Researchers recently told the Annual Scientific Meeting of the American College of Gastroentology that drinking 3 glasses of red wine each week could reduce the incidence of colorectal cancer by almost 70%!

Personally, I find much to enjoy in drinking red wine without these health benefits. It is encouraging though to think that I am also gaining important health benefits as a result of my love of wine. Maybe this is the sort of news you need to initiate your own entrance to the wonderful world of wines.