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 Great story on Mike & Mike In The Morning yesterday. The pro football combines took place the past few days in Indianapolis. This is where all of the best college players who will be eligible for the NFL draft come to work out for the pro coaches and their staffs. They conduct speed and agility drills which help them decide which players appear best suited to play in the NFL.

 On Friday night, following a day of workouts, Sean Payton, coach of the Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints, and his staff, dined at St. Elmo’s Steakhouse, a very popular local restaurant. The waiter happened to mention that Jerry Jones, controversial owner of the Dallas Cowboys, was dining with a group at this same table tomorrow evening and that he had even called ahead to reserve a magnum of his favorite wine, Caymus, Special Selection, Cabernet Sauvignon.Payton said he would like that very same bottle for his group. The waiter explained that the bottle reserved by Mr. Jones was the LAST bottle available. Payton insisted, and by means unknown, the bottle was delivered to his table. Not satisfied that he had simply“pilfered” Jerry Jones favorite wine, Payton asked for a pen and wrote on the label of the bottle “Who Dat”, Super Bowl 44 Champions, Sean Payton” and that empty bottle sat on Jerry Jones table when he arrived on Saturday evening. To the victors go the spoils.

By the way, I had the opportunity to drink quite a bit of this wine at a party a few years ago. It is an OUTSTANDING wine. It retails for $135 – $150 so, at that restaurant, a magnum (twice the size of a normal 750ml bottle) was probably close to $1000.00.