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Posted in Info on Wine with tags , on March 24, 2010 by ballymote

One of my favorite wine stores has been sold! Max and Filipe Cammorata have relinquished ownership of their highly successful 3-year-old store in Glassboro, NJ. From what I understand, the transaction took place several months ago but the brothers stayed on at the store for a few months to help the new owner get started.

I do not know who the new owners are. Hopefully, they will follow many of the same procedures that made Max and Filipe successful. They are currently offering a daily special in e-mails that I receive from the store. The “specials” thus far, seem to be two or three dollars off some pretty mediocre wines and they are only good for the one day the e-mail is sent. It’s not exactly the kind of marketing that will have you running to Hops n Grapes before the sun goes down.

They (Max and Filipe) told me they would soon be announcing a new venture so stand by for that news.

As of now it’s a sad day in the neighborhood as I will miss their YouTube tastings as they proved they were the “NOT QUITE READY FOR PRIME TIME WINE GUYS”. I wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours.