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 It may appear that I am “shilling” for Modo Mio but, trust me, they do a booming business without any help from me. I am posting this because it’s one more chance to get to try this restaurant at a time that may be convenient for some of you. Chef Peter McAndrews described these SUGO SUNDAYS to us during our recent visit but here is a concise description of what is being offered to diners every Sunday at the 151 W. Girard bistro. This info comes from the blog listed at the bottom of the post.

 Sugo Sundays Coming to Modo Mio — Grub Street Philadelphia

Modo Mio chef-owner Peter McAndrews tells us he’s creating a new Sunday dinner special at his Girard Avenue BYOB, which he plans to launch the Sunday after Christmas. He’s christened it “Sugo Sunday” (sugo is Italian for sauce), in a nod to the Italian custom of having a big Sunday supper. The weekly dinner will be family-style and include antipasti, a pasta course, a meat course, salad and dessert – “fresh fruit, just like in Italy,” he says – and perhaps a gratis limoncello or sambuca digestivo, all for $33 a person, excluding tax and tip. “A lot of people don’t get to experience that kind of family dinner,” he says, “and it’s such a gorgeous thing” that he’s recreating the experience. He even seems to be recreating the nonna-as-benevolent-dictator role, judging by this comment: “There will be no set menu,” says McAndrews, “if you don’t like it, you’ll have to leave.”

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