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That’s the blog home of F. Scott and Zelda who cover the food and wine world of Central Jersey with style and class.

To those of us in South Jersey, the area that makes up Central Jersey has always been a bit of a mystery. It’s been easy to define North Jersey, the land of Yankee and Giant fans, the mortal “enemy” of the South. Central Jersey is much more complex. It’s not even likely you could get two South Jersey folks who would agree on what towns comprise Central Jersey. Here’s a little quiz to prove my point.

Place each of the following locals in North. Central, or South Jersey:

A. Great Adventure                                  

B. Woodbridge

C. Princeton                                

D. Asbury Park

E. Monmouth

F. Bordentown

G. Exit 8A on the NJTP

H. Rutgers University

I can’t even tell you if you chose the right regions because I’m not totally sure myself! Anyway, my point of this post is to direct you to another blog that I think you will enjoy. F. Scott does great reviews on restaurants big and small. His descriptions of some of the wines that he and Zelda enjoy will having you searching for those special bottles.

Do yourself a favor and wander over to their blog. You’ll thank me for the heads up.