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Our Friday night dining group met at Oceanos Restaurant at 222 Haddon Ave. in West Berlin. blog pics 012Let me say at the beginning that I enjoyed the food here. Having said that, I do not think our group will be returning anytime soon. One word that was not mentioned anywhere on their web site, but which was prominent on the property signage was “Diner”. It did not have the typical look of a South Jersey diner but it most certainly DID have the infamous “diner type” menu. As an example, someone mentioned a “spinach pie” appetizer and was asked what page that was on and someone else in the group replied, “I believe that would be on Page 93”. An exaggeration, yes, but, there were a LOT of pages to the menu. I think some of our group were prejudiced before even ordering because they felt they were in a diner (as Jerry Seinfeld would say “not that there’s anything wrong with that”).

I felt there were tons of great selections and I totally enjoyed my 10 oz. filet accompanied by four small crab cakes and a baked potato. My meal, which included lobster bisque and a rice pudding for dessert came to $20.95 and the portions were such that I ate half and took half home. The  total bill for each couple “with tip” was an extremely reasonable $50.00. My wife found fault with the overly sweet sauce on her mussels and another diner felt the spinach pie was “too salty”. I’d go back and so would another male (Jerry, the Bruchetta King)  of our group. The problem is we’d probably have to go alone. My wine for the evening was a 2004 Hook and Ladder Zinfandel. BLOG PICS 017It went well with my meal as the soft pepper spices complimented the filet without overpowering the crab cakes.