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I’ve been to a few different Morton’s Steakhouses over the years. When they are good, they are very good, when they are bad, they are memorably bad. Morton’s in the King of Prussia Mall is VERY good. Our company was hosting some out of town visitors and this was one of three dinners they will attend during their two weeks in town. If the other two are as good as this they should leave Philly a few pounds heavier. We ordered from a pre-arranged limited menu but what it lacked in quantity of choices it made up for in quality of product. It seemed that none of the eight diners were able to ascertain what the letters S-A-L-M-O-N spelled because no one ordered any and the same held true for C-H-I-C-K-E-N. It was if they had all attended a secret meeting before arriving where someone whispered to them “Psssst….if you go to Morton’s, order the S-T-E-A-K.” Fortunately, I was able to persuade Kelly from Charleston, SC to split the chicken with me so that I’d have another entrée photo for the blog.

Our server was also named Kelly and although she shared my pain that we were both missing the evening’s episode of “The Bachelorette” she did a great job of  unobtrusively making sure that all of our dining needs were taken care of all evening.

She suggested a couple of appetizer sampler trays, one cold, and the other baked. The trays were huge with heaping portions of shrimp, crab, lobster, oysters and clams on the cold tray and yummy scallops wrapped in bacon, mini-crab cakes, huge breaded coconut shrimp and other delights from the sea on the baked plate. The warm onion loaf bread was also delicious and if the meal ended right here I’m sure none of us would have left hungry.

We had a couple of nice wines. The first was the always dependable Estancia Meritage, a 2006 vintage. The other was a 2007 Duck Pond Pinot Noir from Oregon. When Kelly saw how much I enjoyed the Pinot she brought us a sample of the 2007 Tony Soter , Mineral Springs Ranch. It was terrific and I rightfully ordered the rest of the bottle. Everyone at the table seemed to enjoy the wines and the conversation was lively and enjoyable as we all learned things about each other.

The chatter around the table came to a screeching halt as the steaks arrived, each accompanied by perfectly cooked green beans and a piping hot baked potato. The lone chicken platter arrived the same way with not one or two but THREE large portions of tender breast meat. Most of the guests tried to finish as much as they could because they were staying at a hotel and had no way to protect leftovers. I was more fortunate as I took most of my chicken and potato home for another meal. We would have all been ready to stagger away from the table but there was dessert to come. A tempting slice of cheesecake made it’s way to some; a delectable key lime pie found a home with a couple, and most had opted for a devilishly sweet chocolate mousse. All provided a nice ending to a very enjoyable meal. If good food, good wine and good conversation all make for memorable evenings then Morton’s did a good job of making that happen.