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Posted in Pre-Trip Update #2 with tags , , , , on May 25, 2010 by ballymote

We are six weeks closer to our trip than when I last wrote about it. All the reservations have been made, restaurants researched, wineries considered and, as for myself, I am totally Trip-Advisored out! Despite all that, each day brings a new search for some detail I may have overlooked. Just when I am certain there are no other search words related to Napa, Sonoma, Food or Wine, I think of a new one and a few hours more are spent in Googleland. If it sounds like I am complaining, I am not. This is part of the fun of travel; the pre-trip details, and I thoroughly enjoy it. My wife, Kathy, and fellow travelers, Carol and Joe, Gerry and Joann have graciously allowed me to do the planning on this venture and it’s important to me that my obsession with wine not interfere with everyone enjoying this trip.

There is certainly more to Napa Valley/ Sonoma and the entire San Francisco Bay area than just wine and we certainly plan on seeing as much as we can. One of the really difficult things for me has been choosing amongst the hundreds of wineries to create a trip that will be both fun and informative. It’s very difficult to properly visit more than four wineries in a day and with four months to go I have already chosen 12 in Sonoma and 12 in Napa. Undoubtedly, some of these will change as many require appointments and as we will be visiting during the busy “crush” season, some will not be able to take visitors.

In the next update I will list the 24 wineries that I have chosen and give some reasons why each is on the list. We may also  name some of the restaurants we would like to visit. Stay tuned!