I don’t think I have ever had a post on my blog in praise of a single, specific food item. I thought long and hard about doing this but, in the end, this culinary masterpiece is deserving of this singular praise.

 Allow me to set the scene. Eight of us were at The South Philly Tap Room on a Friday evening. I did not even bring my camera as I had no intention of blogging about the SPTR because I knew we’d all be drinking beer instead of wine. In attempting to choose a starter for the meal my eyes kept coming back to the Tomato Lager Soup. I have no idea why because I am not a huge soup fan and tomato soup would be way down on my list of soups to select. Nonetheless, for some unknown reason, I did order the Tomato Lager Soup. It was phenomenal!! A hot, tangy tomato bisque made with Yeungling lager and garnished with just the right amount of spices to give the liquid some real magic. If I stopped now in my description this would have been a delicious starter. What made it a truly awesome were the two little grilled cheese sandwiches on toasted crostinis swimming in the middle of the soup. The taste, the texture, the total experience was a foodies dream. I still keep telling myself it was only a bowl of soup but it was sooooooo much more. Even more amazing, if I remember correctly, it was only $6.00!! I’m sorry, I gotta go make a call to the South Philly Tap Room and see if they make deliveries.

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