Cap’s Place in Lighthouse Point, Florida has some definite history attached to it. First of all, one doesn’t simply wander into this historic restaurant. You don’t drive by, decide it looks interesting and stroll in for a meal. It’s not because reservations are difficult, it’s because you would never find the place. In order to dine at Cap’s Place you must drive through some very ritzy neighborhoods, make all of the correct turns and eventually end up at a small dock where you wait for the little boat that will bring you to the restaurant.

 Here is our crew sailing the on the “high seas” in search of food. After a voyage of about 5 minutes we arrived at Cap’s Place. We were not the first diners to discover this restaurant which has been here since the 1920’s. Some of the hungry patrons who have dined here before us are, Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, the Rockefeller’s, Joe Namath, George Harrison, Al Capone and just the Saturday before us, ex-President Bill Clinton. As you might imagine, they weren’t awed to discover that the Chief Blogger from South Jersey Wine and Dine was “in the house”. 

 This is Cap Knight, founder of Cap’s Place. In the 20’s it was not just a place to grab some food and drink, it was one of the country’s busiest casinos. It continued to lure gamblers until 1951, including frequent visits from Meyer Lansky who would stop by to collect his “percentage”. In that year, the government cracked down on illegal gambling and the place, from that point on, had to make a living as a bar and restaurant. 

 Enough about history, let’s talk about the food.

 My appetizer selection was the Cajun Fish Bites. These were tender chunks of fresh mahi mahi in a seasoned cajun sauce with some house slaw. I didn’t care for the slaw but the fish was outstanding. I squeezed a little lemon over the tasty morsels and savored each delicious bite.

 For my choice of entree I wavered between the bacon wrapped Scallops and the Crab Cakes before finally deciding on the latter. I absolutely made the right choice. These may have been two of the best crab cakes I have ever had. There was virtually no filler in these all crab all the time cakes and the flavor was spectacular. The dish came with veggies and mashed potatoes and I totally enjoyed all of it including the seasoned dip for the crab cakes.

 My wife had the scallops and she gave me one. It was very good but could not top the crab cakes. Others at our table chose a Rib Eye Steak, a Florida Grouper and a Broiled Seafood Platter. We never did see any celebrities during the course of our meal but hey, you can’t have everything. We enjoyed our evening at Cap’s Place.

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