Last night, it was spelled  A R U G U L A on Egg Harbor Rd. in Washington Township, NJ. Four of us arrived at 7:55 P.M. for our 8:00 P.M. reservation and were told that our table was being cleaned. From our vantage point in the lobby we could see an empty table of four ready for seating with no activity around it. We didn’t mind the first ten minutes of the wait, the second ten minutes was only mildly disturbing but, at the 30 minute mark, when we observed a party of two decide to take their business elsewhere, we knew we should be doing the same. As they headed for the door they were informed their table was ready, as we headed for the door we were told our table was ready. Too little, too late. During the entire 30 minute wait no one approached us to apologize for the delay. We have eaten there before and, quite frankly, the place just isn’t good enough to display such arrogance.

We drove down the road and had a nice dinner at Pasta Pomadoro and probably saved $80.00 per couple.

I am not saying you shouldn’t dine at ARUGULA, I’m simply saying you should have a big meal prior to arriving. It will make the wait much more comfortable.


  1. you go frank!!! i should have been there. carol

  2. This kind of thing just ruins a dining experience. Make them aware and hopefully they will improve.

  3. I stumbled onto your blog regarding the whole Barone’s – Toscana deal and decided to scan previous posts to see if you ever visited one of my new favorite BYOBs, Arugula. At your headline I was immediately disappointed that you had such a bad experience because the food at this place is fantastic and I can’t wait to go back.

    I went on a weekday with my wife and in-laws for her birthday. Her parents had been a few times otherwise and said that it was usually extremely busy on the weekends and that the nearly empty dining room was not what they were used to. They had good experiences with their previous visits and obviously that’s why we found ourselves there that night.

    The food was delicious and the menu wasn’t typical of the usual noodle and ketchup joints that are all over south jersey. On top of that the portion size was perfect. There’s nothing I’ve grown tired of more than carrying home two days worth of leftovers after I’m done eating.

    I’ll be honest, I haven’t read further to see if you ever went there before or if you have ever gone back to give it another try but I’d like to say that if you haven’t it is definitely worth another shot.

    I certainly can’t wait to go back. On a weeknight.

    • Patrick

      Thanks for taking the time to express your views. As you may have realized later, I had been to Arugula before and the meal and service was fine.
      This particular evening, they just let down their guard and you can’t do that when running a restaurant. I felt they needed to work on their customer service.
      Because Arugula is so close to my home, I am sure we will be back there again soon and I’m sure we will not have same disappointing experience.

      Again, thanks for writing.


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