Parkton, Maryland is not a town familiar to most of America. It may not even be familiar to most people who live in Maryland. When my son and his wife moved there a few years ago I had helped them with their move from just south of Baltimore. On their first morning in the new house I got up early and went out to buy a cup of coffee. The closest place I could find was located in Pennsylvania! For this, and many other reasons, I was slightly reluctant last Friday, when during a visit to their home in Parkton, I was informed we would be dining that evening at a “new” restaurant just recently opened in the village.

SOUP’R NATURAL featured, you guessed it, soups, and natural ingredients from surrounding local farms. What you might not have guessed, is that SOUP’R NATURAL turned out to be a wonderful restaurant.


We had excellent service from Lindsey and you can even bring a bottle of wine for a very reasonable $5.00 corkage fee. We are spoiled in the Delaware Valley, of course, with so many BYOB’s in our area but, even so, I could live with $5.00 if I resided in this part of Maryland.

 Today was Good Friday, so Kathy and I were certainly limited to the “fish” portion of the menu. Not to fear though, there was an intriguing Mac n Cheese appetizer and several different fish offerings. Almost all of us ordered the Mac n Cheese (small $3.75 – large $5.25). My one big mistake…..not ordering the large portion. This starter was outstanding. Great flavors and texture and the cheese was wonderful. There is something about a place doing Mac n Cheese well that signals good things are coming from the kitchen.

 Kathy ordered Neenee’s Grilled Tuscan Salmon with a tomato, artichoke and zucchini medley served over rice. Kathy loves good salmon and she declared that this one fell into that category. The fish was tender and flaky with nice smokey flavors.

I had no trouble finding the entree I wanted. It was the Cajun Catfish Dinner, pan-fried fresh fillets of farm-raised catfish rubbed with our spunky pecan rustic rub and served with Gumbo Rice. The fillets had just the right amount of spicy heat to provide super flavor without overpowering the delicate fish.

 My son and his wife had the Fresh Baby-backed Ribs with a bar-b-cue sauce and served with a sweet pepper salad. There were even some nice grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids.

 There are a lot of interesting choices on the menu. Soup’r Natural features some unique soups which are all available to go and you can feel the local pride of place that the Heneghan family brings to their restaurant. Father, Dan, stopped by a couple of times to make sure we were happy with our meal. There are plenty of great desserts too, with fountain sodas and old-fashioned milk-shakes to tempt young and old. I wish them all good luck with their culinary endeavor. We were quite impressed.

2 Responses to “SOUP’R NATURAL – BYOB (Parkton, MD)”

  1. Georgianna Haley Says:

    So proud of your Restaurant Love Georgie Haley

  2. that place charges too much for there food and doesnt even taste that great good place to just throw your money away

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