We don’t often do Chinese so it was a bit unusual for the six of us to meet at the Mandarin Court in Sewell, NJ on a chilly Friday night in early January. I must have been so shocked by our choice of venue that I forgot both wine and my camera.

Mandarin Court is one of six Asian-themed restaurants in this area all owned by The Mandarin Group.

 Someone in our group of six had brought a few beers so we opened them while we read over the menu. We finally decided on some appetizers and we spilt a bunch of egg rolls and a couple of orders of Scallion Pancakes. I would have liked to have tried the Angry Crab Rangoon but no one shared my inquisitive tastes.

Both of the appetizers were good choices and both came with the customary duck sauce and hot mustard sauce with a little soy being added with the pancakes. Some seemed a little surprised that the mustard sauce was as hot as it was but in my mind, it usually is pretty hot.

By the way, all of the pictures used in this post are NOT mine but photos that I found on the net (which may help explain why the pictures seem better than usual).

Most of the table finally settled on the General Tso Chicken which came accompanied with white rice and broccoli but I had the

Tangerine Chicken which was accompanied by four nice tangerine (they may have been oranges) slices on the plate. There was also the white rice. Kathy and I also selected an order of pork fried rice. As Kathy mentioned, one could almost make a meal out of the fried rice.

I thought my chicken had a nice flavor with the sweet tangerine coating giving the chicken the needed boost. The portion size was enough that all of us had some food to take home for the next day’s lunch. Most of our group thought the meal deserved a C but being the generous gourmand that I am, I’d give it a B. I do wish I had brought a nice wine to add to the meal but nonetheless, it was a nice change to “do Chinese” after a long time away from it.

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