Normally, a blogger replies to a comment on his/her post by adding another comment under the original. This time I am writing the comment as a post because I am so impressed with the comment and the commenter.

I do not know Patrick McKee. I do know that he works at Hops n Grapes in Glassboro, NJ and that every time I mention his place of employment, within hours, he has an intelligent response on my blog.

In my last post, prior to this one, I talked about internet marketing strategies employed by three random wine sellers. Patrick is the guy behind the marketing e-mails at Hops n Grapes.  You can see by what he writes that he takes a great deal of pride in what he does. He accepts responsibilities when it doesn’t work and keeps trying until he gets it right. It doesn’t seem to me that an employer can ask for much more than that. His comments after my post on Internet Marketing styles has more good points on the topic than does my original post.

Finally, let me say that although not everything I say about Hops n Grapes is positive, I DO like the store. It has a nice selection, reasonable prices and a group of dedicated employees who are helpful without being pushy. In short, it’s a place you can shop for wine, cheese, beer and spirits and feel comfortable.

I really enjoyed Hops n Grapes when Max and Felipe owned the place. They treated me very well. I do not know the new owner and that’s probably my fault as I never introduced myself during my many visits. I do know that every staff person I have spoken with like working for the guy so he must be doing something right.

Patrick, keep up the good work! If this doesn’t get you a raise, I give up. 🙂


  1. I’m very flattered an honored! Your blog and the others are one of the best assets to businesses like ours. For years we sat and thought of ways to figure out what to do to find out if the customer is having a good experience and if our ideas are worth anything, and now with blogs we have actual personal insight to take into direct account.

    Continue the great posts, and I’ll continue to read! Also, just for the record, I’ve commented on other posts than ones about our store, just so the record is clear I’m not just hear to defend my pride 🙂 I actually enjoy the BYOB articles as I absolutely adore BYOBs. Can’t wait until you review Sweet Lulas in Pitman!


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