Barone Tuscan Grill in Woolwich, NJ is new;VERY new. It’s the latest edition to the Barone Restaurant mini-empire. Their website has no information on this location except to say it is “coming soon”.  The Woolwich/Swedesboro area of southern Gloucester County is a fast-growing area for young families that was blossoming quickly before the real estate debacle took place. It’s evident even now that once the situation improves it’s an area that will continue to see explosive residential growth.

My son and his wife (Brian & Jenny) recently moved to this location from PA and we had dinner with them and our friends Jerry and Sue C. along with their son Tim, and his girlfriend, Kristen. We met here at Barone as a torrential summer shower drenched us on our run from the car to the shelter of the restaurant. Inside it was bright and cheery with a full house on this Friday evening. The front of the restaurant is lined with windows while the back features walls with large black and white scenes of Tuscany.

The strip mall that houses Barone Tuscan Grill also has a JB Liquors and I was able to pick up a couple of bottles for dinner.  We had the 2006 J Vidal – Fleury, Cotes du Rhone and it went very well with the rich, Italian foods. There were a few other bottles at the table, a German Riesling and a 2008 Falesco, Vitiano, another dependable inexpensive wine that JB’s sell for $11.99. We never did open the 2008 Erath, Pinot Noir, Oregon so that made the ride back home with us. Our server, Stephanie, confessed that she had not opened more than 8 bottles of wine in her short career at Barone Tuscan Grill so we gave her some assistance and told her that it’s a good thing that she admits that up front. She did a good job all night seeing to our needs.

We started with a few appetizers for the table, Mussels “Your Way” which in the case was in marinara sauce, Arancini, fried risotto balls stuffed with wild mushrooms and fontina cheese in a parmesan cream sauce and Parmesan Crisp, a flatbread Parmesan Crisp, herbed parmesan cheese with infused white truffle oil and melted provolone. The meal was off to a good start.

The rain was letting up and the late evening summer sun was beginning to peek thru the dark clouds which lit up the room. Several of our party mentioned that it was warm in the room. I’m not certain I recall what everyone had as an entree but I will do the best I can.

I wanted the meatloaf entree but was informed that it had been devoured by earlier diners so I went with my second choice, Pollo Rollatini, chicken breast stuffed with prusciutto, spinach and fontina cheese with a rich mushroom sauce. A nice portion of capellini accompanied the dish. It was tasty and a good-sized portion and I took half home and finished it for dinner just moments ago. My only minor gripe is that there were too many mushroom present but that’s just my anti-mushroom bias and many would take that news as a plus.

Kristen ordered the Ravioli Rosa, fresh lobster-filled hand-made ravioli in a pink basil cream sauce. This dish had beautiful color and Kristen thoroughly enjoyed what she finished before also taking some home for later.

Kathy can never pass up an eggplant dish so she predictably ordered the Melanzane Rollantini, eggplant rolled with ricotta and basil and served with mozzarella cheese. She chose the vermicelli as her side pasta dish and she also found the serving large enough to provide a second meal.

My daughter-in-law selected the pasta topped with crabmeat while my son had the Tuscan Alfredo, chicken in a lemon zest alfredo sauce. Both were a little disappointed in their meals feeling it lacked a lot of taste.

Sue had the Vitello San Angelo, egg battered veal with asparagus and mozzarella in a madiera demi glace. I thought her dish looked great and the ziti was a nice addition to the plate.

Tim was not in adventurous mood and he ended up with the old reliable Chicken Parmesan. For Kristen and Tim, the leftovers they took home will be there last American meal for three weeks as they left today for Australia and a fun-filled summer vacation diving off the Great Barrier Reef.

Because Barone Tuscan Grill (I want sooooo bad to called it Barone’s) is located so close to my son and his wife’s new home I am sure this is not our last visit to this place. They are experiencing the usual “new opening” pains but they are trying and the place certainly shows potential. The prices are reasonable and the portion sizes are good. There is a review of one of their other restaurants, Villa Barone,  in Collingswood, located elsewhere on my blog.

20 Responses to “BARONE TUSCAN GRILL – BYOB”

  1. italian foods are very tasty and most of their recipes are heart friendly too *’,

  2. I was wondering if your new restaurant in Woolwich can host privte parties of about 35 people ? Does this location have a privte area for a birthday party?

  3. cindy coco Says:

    my husband and i enjoyed everything about our recent evening at barones. we are along with

  4. My family ate at the new Barone’s in Woolwich Twp. My wife and I with our two small children = $83 check. I had the gnocchi, wife had a chicken dish, a child personal pizza, and a child ravioli with 2 meatballs, and 4 iced teas. The highlight was how professional our waitress was. High price and it took 2 hrs once we sat down. We won’t be going back. Every neighbor that has gone here has said the same thing – long wait and very expensive for italian food.

  5. We took friends out for dinner to Barone’s in Woolwrich Twp. The food was excellent the service was not bad even with two waiters and watriess calling out. The food was hot and exactly as ordered. No childs menu was available ut they did offer a childs pizza (big enough for 2 adute), chicken fingers an a pasta dish. Litte know as it just started. Between 3pm and 6pm there is a special deal – $14.99 for three courses. Soup, salad and main course (choice of Chicken, Baked dish or Pasta dish). These choices are right off the menue an one you want not limited to only a couple of dishes. Recommend it highly to try it – you’ll like it.

    • Steve & Bob

      It’s been several months since I ate there and did my first review. A couple folks in our party were very disappointed. I thought that in light of them just recently opening that things weren’t too bad. I am really anxious to get back for another visit.
      I have reviewd over 100 different restaurants on my blog but NONE have been read by visitors more than this Barone’s in Woolwich Twp.

      My gut feeling is that if you had money and could cook well you could open a restaurant in this area and make a fortune. People are starved “no pun intended” for a super-quality BYOB in this area.


  6. Do not bring children to this restaurant. They do not have a kids menu, but proceed to inform you that the children can order, spaghetti, pizza or chicken fingers. I had three children with me,two ordered spaghetti and one ordered pizza. They all ordered soda, guess what the price was for the kids. $8.00 for the kids meal and $2.00 for the soda. I never thought to ask the price, I was so disgusted when the bill came. Not to mention that we were not allowed to order pizza on the dining side, so we were forced to order a full meal that was disgusting. I ordered the shrimp ravioli with Alfredo sauce. The meal cost $18.00 and they put a total of 3 shrimp on the plate. The sauce was so fishy tasting that I could not eat the pasta. This is not a kid friendly place. It is way over priced and the quality of the food is terrible. I will never recommend this place to anyone. I also used a coupon that I printed off the internet and was given a hard time about that as well.

    • I’m with you Annette. This place is closing soon. We live very close and a friend told us they aren’t paying their employess so they keep losing their help. They probably end up paying them, but not before they leave. I’ve also heard that the family that runs these two restaurants are incredibly pompous. I saw the owner the night we were there and I can see what they mean. Terrible, terrible restaurant! I wish I could send this to more people to avaid the disappointment and waste of money.

  7. they haven’t been paying their help since last July (2010) which was only 3 months after opening. When confronted the owner was very apologetic but blamed his staff for a payroll mix up. Several of the employees filed police reports. The police were very familiar with the Barone family as many of the contractors they hired to get the new restaurant ready had also filed reports for non-payment

    • ballymote Says:

      I’m going to allow your comments to stay posted but I have to allow for the possibility that these posts come from a few people who have some personal grudge with management. It seems to me that if no one got paid the place would not be open and doing what looks to me, like a pretty good business night after night.
      Again, based on 2 visits, Barone’s is, at least, a decent spot for a meal in Woolwich Twp.


  8. First time there tonight and I have to say it was excellent.

  9. Thanks for the review – my partner wants to check this place out soon as it’s so close to home but I’m rather picky with my Italian food – it’s got to be better than I can make at home or why bother, and most of the places around here don’t pass that test. Good to have some idea what to expect. I have to say the appetizers look pretty tempting from your photos, at least. Do entrees only come with pasta sides or are vegetable sides available as well?

    • Follow-up to my earlier comment – we went tonight and I found the experience quite disappointing. The food was “ok”, nothing outstanding for Italian food in South Jersey, but the poor service our group of three encountered really soured the experience for me. I’ll be writing up my own review shortly but I honestly doubt I’ll be rushing back any time soon given how aggravated our server made me. Other tables seemed to be fairing better with other servers, but still, bad service just turns me off a place like nothing else.

      • ballymote Says:


        Sorry to hear your visit to Barone’s was less than satisfactory. It is becoming very apparent that the area around Woolwich Twp. is in deperate need of eating places.


  10. Missmommy19 Says:

    On 12/30/10 we ordered pizza to go at 5:40 pm, from the Woolwich Twp. location. I arrived at 6 pm to pick it up, paid, and waited. And waited, as was another woman attempting to purchase food to go who was there ahead of me. There were at least a half dozen men in dress shirts, “manager-types”, unfortunately none of them have a clue as to how to run a restaurant. I saw 2 pizzas go on top of the pizza oven, but didn’t pay any attention to it since I had paid, gave my name, and assumed that they would give me my pizza when it was ready. The other woman’s take out dinners were ready and getting cold, but she was waiting for pizza also. None of the “manager-wannabes” knew what was going on. Finally, at 6:20 pm I stood up and asked one of them who those 2 pizzas on top of the oven were for. Well what do you know??? They were mine. “Manager-wannabe” that took my money ($37.00, ridiculous) never asked wannabe #2 who those pizzas were for when he took them from the guy making them and put them on top of the oven. I rolled my eyes, told him I had been sitting there waiting, grabbed my pizza and left. Dinners are over priced as well. Do yourself a favor and go to one of the dozen other Italian restaurants in the area. We have not been back since.

  11. Just had take out…the food sucked!! The place has gone from ok to lousy!! Why are they still open? I could have pounded nails into concrete with the rolls. No Italian restaurant has anything to worry about.

  12. Update: The Woolwich Township location of Barone’s Tuscan Grill has closed. From talking to a former co-worker (I worked at Barone’s for over eight months), the restaurant’s been bought by Toscana. While it is sad to see a local business shut down, I am glad to see this restaurant close.

    I’m not just holding a grudge because they still owe me $200 in paychecks (which I’ll obviously never receive). The restaurant was poorly managed and maintained to the point where I believe the customers’ health was put at risk. There were a few instances where the hot water shut off; I’m not sure whether this was because of a mechanical error or someone being behind in bill payments. Either way, when the hot water shut off the restaurant remained open for the night. Anyone who would keep a restaurant open without hot water does not deserve to own a restaurant. When I asked the manager how the kitchen staff was going to wash dishes without hot water, he did not provide an answer.

    There is a lot more I could say about my time at Barone’s Tuscan Grill, but this is not the appropriate venue. I will probably wind up submitting an op-ed to a local newspaper detailing the experience and everything that went wrong in that restaurant. Overall, it was poorly managed and maintained, and it commonly felt like the owner did not put much effort into the restaurant to ensure it’s success. I hope that the restaurant that replaces Barone’s serves the Woolwich community much better; Woolwich deserves better for its customers and workers.

  13. Tina Dougherty Says:

    My daughter purchaed a gift card for me in September–the restaurant closed shorly after. The owners must have know that they were closing their doors soon and for them to sell a gift card is FRAUD !!!! i enjoyed the dinners at this restaurant , which was the reason the gift card was purchased. I contacted the Moorestown Nj store, they tell me that all the restaurants are separately owned. He told me that he would try to find a resolve to my problem.

  14. James W. Law Says:

    6-2-12, table 28/1 and server 431 Joe H. An absolute unacceptable dining experience. Three times asked for butter–order missing shrimp (forgot to tell us there was no shrimp left), received salad after the main course. All pasta mains and sides were cool, not hot. Eating utensils available for five of the six dinner party–had to get my own from another table. All the short comings had excuses and an apology was all too often used to blame other things other than our business.

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