Earlier this year I posted from Restaurant and Institutions Magazine, a list of the top 100 restaurants in the USA by dollar volume for 2008. The new list for 2009 is now out and for the fourth year in a row, Tao Restaurant & Nightclub, Las Vegas heads the list.

Restaurant spending at the Top 100 declined 150 million dollars for 2009 as the economy kept many diners at home. The Philly/South Jersey area had five restaurants on the list headed by The Lobster House in Cape May, NJ at #29, Carmine’s in Atlantic City at #34. Parc #66, Buddakan #89 and the Continental #99 were the Philly contingent. Remember, this list does not reflect the best restaurants or the most popular, they are simply the dining spot where folks spent the most money in 2009.

I was going to simply tell you to click here and then double-click on the article to see the entire list but I just discovered you have to do that quickly. It seems the parent company of R & I Magazine has decided to stop publishing the magazine and their website is closing down on April 30th. It looks the times have claimed another victim.

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