Most wine shops have over 30 Spanish wines under $10.00. If you have no idea what wine you are looking for, pick any one of these wines and you have a good chance of finding something drinkable.

A Vintage Port is declared only in years when the grape crop in Portugal is exceptional. It usually happens about 3 years per decade. Thus far this decade, the  2000, 2003, & 2007 have been declared vintage years for port. It is expected that the 2008 vintage will join those ranks. Vintage port will age for many years and although pricey, is something well worth trying. It’s unusually different from other wines and delicious, too.

England’s Prince Charles was recently in Canada and while at Niagara College for a wine tasting described the wines of that area as “brilliant”.

90% of all wine produced in the USA comes from California.

In the United States, for a wine to be labeled by its varietal name, i.e., Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Noir, etc, at least 75% of that grape must have been used to produce that bottle.

more later…..

3 Responses to “POSSIBLY USELESS WINE INFO – VOL.1 #4”

  1. Hi Frank, I work with Kathy, we have lunch together every day and LOVE your blog. My son thinks he knows @ wine and I sent him this—he doesn’t! Anyway very interesting. I live in Centerr City and if you guys ever need someone to come along to try a new BYOB restaurant—I’m there. If you decide to run that Napa Vally trip you talked about, I would sign on in a minute. I am now getting some friends together to do the Food Market tour in Chealse! Keep posting —Susan

    • Hi Susan

      Thanks for taking the time to write and for letting Kathy eat lunch with you.

      Keeping this blog is fun and I’m glad you enjoy reading it.


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