This is the second post in this area that talks about what the wine “geeks” who post on the various wine boards are discussing right now.great wine picture

On the Robert Parker Board there is a discussion on the antiquated monopoly being run by the State of Pennsylvania in the governance of State Stores. The talk centers around a report issued by a group called Commonwealth Foundation. They have recently published a report showing that the sale of Pennsylvania’s State-run Liquor stores would result in a 1.7 billion dollar windfall to the cash poor state with a continuing $350 million per year in taxes. The report refutes state claims that privatization of alcohol purchases would result in increases in underage drinking, DUI’s and assorted undesirable outcomes. A comparison between state governed alcohol sales and private sales showed nothing to substantiate such claims. The full report can be found here

A group of wine lovers in Massachusetts are anxiously awaiting a decision from the 1st U. S. District Court there which would allow California wineries to ship their product to buyers in that state. The court is scheduled to hear the appeal next week. Massachusetts is one of several states that do not allow wines to be shipped from out-of-state. These antiquated laws were designed to protect local wineries but do little except frustrate wine lovers who are rendered unable to purchase wines directly from the out-of-state producers. Unfortunately, NEW JERSEY and PENNSYLVANIA are among the states which subscribe to this legal morass.

Roy Piper, a frequent poster on the Parker wine board, lives in the Napa Valley area and from time to time posts beautiful photos that he takes of the wineries in and around Napa and Sonoma. He has a current “thread” on the boards with some of his latest excellent shots. Here are a few samples:Napa 1 Napa 3Napa 2

Napa 4Napa 5                                                                                                                                                                   Over on the Wine Spectator Board the buzz is all about the upcoming Wine Spectator Top 100 Wines of the Year which will be announced in about 2 weeks. There is always a lot of speculation about which wine will be named the Wine of the Year. This honor usually results in a run on that particular wine which drives the price up by about 50%. Selection is usually based on a combination of a high Wine Spectator rating combined with adequate availability of the wine. In other words, a truly great wine that is in limited supply would not be eligible for Wine of the Year. Anyway, it makes for interesting discussion as everyone makes their prediction on what wines will be on the list. Last years Wine of the Year for 2008 was the 2005 Casa Lapostelle, Clos Apalta. It had received a 96 rating and sold for $75.00 prior to be named Number One. Stay tuned the 2009 winner is  on the horizon. top100-08-glosApalta

That’s about it for this issue of Wine in the Board Rooms. You can learn a lot about wine by signing up on these two boards and just making periodic visits to eavesdrop on what wine lovers are talking about. It’s free and it’s fun.

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