IMG_3466Our Friday night dining group was reduced by half last night as Joe and Carol B. were in Mexico and Tom and Barbara T. had another committment.

Sue and Jerry C. and my wife Kathy and myself ventured south to Williamstown, NJ to Cafe Capri. We had been there in the Spring and had a nice meal and were looking forward to a similar experience. The restaurant is warm and inviting, divided into two rooms both nicely decorated, and the staff were pleasant and efficient. The menu at Cafe Capri is quite diverse with lots of interesting offerings making it tough to settle on one entree.

Jerry and I began with an order of Bruschetta and I was surprized to find six good-sized offerings of crispy bread topped with fresh chopped tomatoes and a dash of balsamic vinegar.IMG_3467 There was more than enough to share with our wives and at $4.50 for the appetizer it was a great deal. I’ve probably been to restaurants in the past where there wasn’t this much food in the entree so this was definitely a good start to the meal.

Sue and Jerry are headed to Ireland next week on vacation and we were discussing their trip when our waiter arrived with a dish of Gnocchi Parmagiana for the four of us to share, compliments of the chef. We each partook of this unexpected treat and were now looking forward to our entrees. My wine for the evening was a gift from my brother-in-law which he brought back last year from his trip to Napa.IMG_3471 It was the 2006 Viansa Vineyards, Freisa. This wine is a blend of Italian varietals grown in the Napa Valley and the wine had a great bouquet of rose petals, chocolate and black currants. On the palate it was well-balanced with a soft texture and smooth finish. I was pleasantly surprised that this wine was that good. I’d rate it a 91.

Jerry had a not so Nouveau Beaujolie from 2008 which he found in his collection. I tried it after dinner and it was better than I would have thought since it wasn’t made to hold and the 2009 should be arriving on our shores in a couple of weeks.

Despite a wide array of choices on the extensive menu the four of us chose chicken.  Amazingly enough, we chose four different chicken entrees. IMG_3470IMG_3468IMG_3469

From left to right we have my Pollo Palarmitano, grilled chicken breast topped with Sicilian bruschetta and melted fresh mozzarella. The chicken was tender, perfectly cooked and the sauce was a perfect complement. I added a side order of risotto which I was a little disappointed in but I really did love the chicken. Jerry’s Pollo Nicoletta was a sauteed chicken breast with asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes and crabmeat in a lemoncello white wine sauce. Let’s just say, Jerry didn’t leave many scraps.. Sue had the Pollo Piemontese, chicken breast sauteed with shitake mushrooms, garlic, a splash of vermouth in a cream sauce topped with shaved parmesan over spinach. Kathy had the more mundane Pollo Parmagianno but it was a large nicely breaded serving and the sauce was delicious.

We skipped dessert but certainly feel we had plenty to eat and the service was very good. Cafe Capri turned out to be another fine choice without having to venture far from home.


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