Tisha’s Fine Dining is situated on the beach in Cape May, NJ. It’s a popular BYOB in a town with more than it’s share of restaurants.IMG_2609

The four of us drove down from Avalon and were fortunate to find a good parking spot out front. Parking is at a premium in this shore town so it was no small feat to find a spot so close. JoAnn was making her fourth visit to Tisha’s , but for the rest of us, it was our first. There was quite an ocean breeze blowing through the open doors and windows of this beachfront bistro at our first table and although it felt good it was a little strong to be dining in the midst of gale force winds so we requested and were granted another table more sheltered from the elements. This being our final meal of the vacation we were armed with the best of our wines. We once again had the Franciscan “Magnificat”, another bottle of the 2004 Shirvington Shiraz and a 2006 Mollydooker, “Enchanted Path” a shiraz/cab blend that was absolutely delicious.IMG_2613                                                                                     






I can’t remember what others may have had for an appetizer but that’s only because I was completely blown away by my lobster risotto.  It was smooth, creamy, flavorful and I found myself wishing it was my entree instead of a starter.  Actually, my pork entree was very good served over creamy mashed potatoes and asparagus.  The others in our group had the Veal Tenderloin, Sauteed Scallops and Putanesca w/shrimp.

Pork Dish

Pork Dish

Veal Tenderloin

Veal Tenderloin

Sauteed Scallops

Sauteed Scallops

Putanesca w/shrimp

Putanesca w/shrimp

We sipped some great wines, had a nice discussion with a couple from Washington, DC at the table next to ours and thoroughly enjoyed our meal. I would have to give Tisha’s Fine Dining my award for Best of the Three from a week of great dining. I just can’t get that lobster risotto out of my mind.

2 Responses to “TISHA’S FINE DINING – BYOB”

  1. I beg your pardon Sir Ballymote, but that was my SECOND visit to Tisha’s. JoAnn and I had gone there during our Cape May visit last May! I am not as crazy about this place as she. I prefer Catherine’s in Unionville, PA, and much prefer Gilmore’s in West Chester, PA.

  2. ballymote Says:

    A thousand pardons for the inaccuracy. I had forgotten that YOU were one of the men that JoAnn had accompanied to Tisha’s in her past.

    We have to do Gilmore’s one day.

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