blog pics 013Our Friday night dining group ventured to Mullica Hill, NJ last week to dine at one of my favorite South Jersey BYOB’s, Toscana Grill. It’s a place we have been to often and it never disappoints. This week was no exception. Toscana does have a liquor license but permits patrons to bring their own bottles without a corkage charge. They feature wines from the local Heritage Vineyard. My wine for the evening was the Kaiken Ultra Malbec. I picked up several bottle of this surprisingly tasty wine at a “blowout” sale at Canal’s on the Black Horse Pike across from the Hamilton Mall for $9.09. BLOG PICS 016The wine usually sells for anywhere from 15 to 20 dollars depending on where you find it. I had purchased previous bottles for $15.99. It has a wonderful nose and the dark fruit flavors are well balanced with a long finish for a wine of so little pretensions. Do not confuse this wine with the regular Kaiken Malbec as there is a world of difference in the “ultra”.

One of my favorite items on the Toscana menu is a simple wedge salad. It’s always fresh and loaded with blue cheese, tomatoes and bacon. It’s the perfect start to a meal. I had the crab cake encrusted tilapia and it was tender and flavorful. It was accompanied by asparagus and a risotto cake.

Joe had brought with him a home made wine that some guy he works with makes every year. Normally, I decline offers to even taste these home creations but he had coaxed me into trying it on a previous occasion and I have to admit that this guy does a nice job. It’s the third time I have had this wine and although the first time stands out as the best effort, they are always interesting.

The bill for each couple came to $52.00 so you can see that Toscana Grill is not a place that will kill the family budget.

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