Welcome to my South Jersey Wine Blog. I wish I had started this blog five years ago because it would by now be a wonderful, comprehensive site for all of the many fine restaurants in this area that allow one to bring their own bottle of wine. We are truly blessed in this region to have an abundance of excellent BYOB’s not just here but across the river in Philly. I am debating whether to rate each place, as I really find most of them to be very good. Additionally, somtimes it isn’t fair to rate a place based on one visit. What I really intend to do with this blog is to point out where these places are and where one can find wine stores with a selection and pricing that will be beneficial to all. If I find a restaurant to be EXCEPTIONALLY good or HORRIFICALLY bad I might point that out.

This evening my wife Kathy and I and six of our friends are dining at Oceanos, on Haddon Avenue in West Berlin. I will post later as to how we enjoyed both the wine and the food.

I am a self-confessed wine geek. I’m not totally sure how it happened but I am glad it did. As this blog progresses, I invite all of you to share my journey and hopefully a few of you may just develop a passion for the grape. It’s a lot of fun, it’s healthy and there are few places better for enjoying wine than right here in South Jersey.

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